Editorial Board

Phoenix Shaw ’22

(President/Editor-in-Chief) is an Architectural Studies and French double major from London, U.K. Within law, he is especially interested in international arbitrition and how it relates to issue of cultural property.

Rebecca Picciotto ’22

(Articles Editor) is a Math and Philosophy major from Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Her interests in law pertain mostly to its global applications. She is especially fascinated by the interplay of policy and international conflict.   

Sophia Harrison ’22

(Articles Editor) is an Economics and French double major. She is from San Jose, California. She is particularly interested in the intersections of medicine and the law, as well as the bioethics related to emerging biotechnologies.

Grace LeCates ’22

(Production Manager) is a prospective Math and Studio Art double major from Cooperstown, New York. She is particularly interested in the relationship between law and religion.

Nehemiah McGowan ’21

(Production Manager) is a prospective Political Science and Psychology double major from Dallas, Texas. Within the study of law, he is particularly interested in the application of psychology, intellectual property, and policy reshaping society and culture

GRayson Mugford ’22

(Articles Editor) is an English and Political Science Major from Vero Beach, Florida. He is specifically interested in the relationship between Law and American Politics, with a particular focus on the interplay between campaign politics and political finance law.