Format Guidelines


  • Rolling Basis – Submissions may be submitted at any point. 


  • Outlined in the Mission Statement
  • Papers written by multiple authors, or written in the format of a debate (either as separate papers or as one) will be considered. The topic of papers can be on the law of any country/region or on international law.
  • All papers must be previously unpublished.

Who is eligible to submit:

  • Undergraduate students at a college or university, including students taking gap years.
  • Multiple submissions are accepted.


  • Submission Form (name, university, paper title, class year, major, country)
  • Paper (recommend length: 10-30 pages)
  • Abstract (200 words max)


  • Chicago Format, Times New Roman font, 12 point, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
  • Citations
    • Footnotes or endnotes (no parenthetical)
    •  All legal citations to cases in manuscripts submitted for publication should adhere to the format requirements of “The Bluebook – A Uniform System of Citation” (also known as the “Harvard Blue Book” or merely “The Blue Book”), which is available from It also may be available at local university’s general and law libraries. In all other respects submissions should conform to the guidelines set out in the MLA Handbook.
  • Emailed to
  • Microsoft Word Attachment